Where’s The Money


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11x17" signed risograph print.
Printed on a cream, 80#, cover stock.
Edition of 50

Caption Reads:
“Listen, buddy. Your pal, here, says you told him you’re broke when I specifically remember you tellin’ me over the phone that you were gonna pay with cash. So…I’m gonna ask you one more time… Where’s the money?!”

About the risograph process:

The risograph print process is very similar to screen printing in the sense that a master screen is created for each color. This screen is then wrapped around a rotating drum that contains ink which is pressed through tiny holes in the master screen and onto the paper. 
This process happens at high speeds as paper is fed through the machine. The nature of this process creates a situation where no two prints are exactly the same—featuring subtle textural and alignment variations that make each print unique.

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