July 4th

Aviation has always been a passion of my dad’s and so, growing up, this meant trips to air shows in the summer. Because of this, every time the 4th roles around, I can’t help reminiscing on those days. This short, looping, animation was birthed from those memories as a celebratory piece for the 4th of July holiday.


In creating the .gif, Photoshop’s timeline was used to sequence together a series of individually drawn smoke trails and spinning propellers. This sequence was then rendered as transparent footage and imported into Adobe After Effects where movement was added to each of the planes and the clouds were animated into the background.

The illustration and animation process could have been simplified a bit by rendering and coloring the illustrations digitally. This being said, I often find the extra time invested in illustrating traditionally to be well worth the added character that come through the final product in the end. Besides, it’s the creating that’s the most fun to me, so why rush it?

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