Nathan Douglas Yoder is an illustrator and designer in Seattle, WA, also known for the branding and hand lettering work of his design studio, Yondr Studio. ︎


        Nathan is based out of Seattle, WA, although his childhood was spent in a small town in Oklahoma where he spent his days outside, jumping his bike, shooting his bb gun, and climbing trees with his brother and three sisters. He enjoyed drawing from an early age although his introduction into design occurred in the 8th grade when he took up an invitation to draw t-shirt designs for a local sign shop in his home town. This lead to a fascination with screen printing and, eventually, logo design which continued through high school and informed his decision to pursue graphic design as a career. In 2010, he graduated from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology with a degree in graphic design and went on to work at a branding agency in Tulsa for 3 years where he specialized in logo design.
         A short time in the real world of the creative industry made it clear to Nathan that drawing still remained his first love. This began to manifest itself through lettering and illustration sketches that he began sharing online. In 2013 these self initiated works were noticed by a startup clothing brand in Southern California who offered Nathan the role of lead artist on their creative team. A year spent growing and learning at this company presented him the opportunity to set off on his own and in 2014, he did just that before relocating to Portland, OR. There, he opened his own creative studio, Yondr Studio, and began contributing lettering and illustration work to brands such as  Nike, MillerCoors, Dakine, Random House Publishing, and Abrams Books among others.
        In 2015 Nathan met the woman who would become his wife, Katherine, an artist and elementary school teacher in the Seattle area. Katherine’s influence on Nathan’s work was almost immediate and by the time they were married in February of 2017 Nathan had completely shifted the approach he took to his work. Whereas the work of his past had rooted itself in a rebellious lifestyle, Nathan now chose to use his work to promote a spirit of love and acceptance.
        Today Nathan continues the work he started with Yondr Studio, working with clients to create illustration and lettering work for branding, editorial, packaging, and clothing purposes. By night, through his personal work, Nathan aims to help make the world a little brighter place to be.


        “My process begins at the onset of a problem. Whether that problem be a client’s commercial need, a social issue, an existential question, or simply a creative itch, it’s important to me that my work is always progressing and moving towards an end rather than becoming an end in itself. Over the years, this philosophy has driven me to cultivate a wide range of techniques and disciplines within my work as I’ve searched for the most effective ways to illustrate a wide range of ideas for myself and my clients.
        While I believe that work is important, I do not believe it is more important than these ideas that our work promotes. Ideas are incredibly powerful. They can influence and change entire generations for better or worse and yet the motives and implications behind the ideas we promote often go unquestioned. The problems that arise as a result of this oversight are the problems that I enjoy using my work to address the most. Beyond the mere joy of drawing, I hope to use my work to encourage others to see life from a new vantage point and move out of themselves in the service of others.”

- Nathan Yoder


For new inquiries please include a brief description of the artwork requested including how the artwork will be used, the duration of time it will be used, and when the arwork is needed.



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