Nathan is an illustrator 

residing in the Seattle area with his wonderful wife, Katherine.

An Oklahoma native, Nathan specializes in traditional forms of illustration and hand lettering. Since starting his illustration and design studio—Yondr Studio—in 2014, Nathan has contributed to brands such as Nike, MillerCoors, Dakine, Random House Publishing, and Abrams Books among others. More recently, his passion to encourage and inspire others, coupled with his wife’s profession as an elementary school teacher, has inspired Nathan to retrace his roots. Today he enjoys using his work to help make the world a more whimsical place to be.

Nathan would love to work with you on your next project! If you like what you see, please take a moment to say hello.


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My process begins at the onset of a problem. Whether that problem be a client’s commercial need, a social issue, an existential question, or simply a creative itch, it’s important to me that my work is always moving towards an end rather than becoming an end in itself. Because of this, I enjoy working with mediums that allow me to work quickly so as to not get in the way, or steal attention away, from the illustration. For me, that means working with a fountain pen, a traveling watercolor kit, and the occasional black colored pencil, on whatever paper is readily available.

Though each of our own personal struggles are painted in the specific colors of our individual stories, just beneath the surface we are all looking for the same things—love, acceptance, respect, joy, & peace. A lack of these things divide us and this is the biggest problem of them all— the problem that I’m most interested in using my work to address.

- NY

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